Does Skin Shrink When You Lose Weight?

How to deal with loose skin after weight loss

We all as a nation strive to lose those excess pounds of fat and if you happen to lose a substantial amount you may find yourself with a small frown when you look in the mirror. The fat-loss is a hard-earned blessing, but now you realize when you were heavier, your skin expanded to accommodate you extra volume. As the fat was lost, that skin may at times look a little un-tight and flabby. Remember that the skin is one of the organs of your body — just like the heart, the liver, the lungs etc. — organs respond to the challenges that the body undergoes. Massive weight gain, poor nutrition, excessive exposure to sun, and even harsh soaps can assault your skin and it does it’s very best to ensure that it provides the primary line of defense for your body. In the case of large weight gains, part of that accommodation is the growth of skin to cover the extra volume. But your skin works just as hard in the other direction. It is amazing how elastic our skin is, and if you just give it time, it will do its best to form-fit into your smaller healthier body.

How long will it take for the skin to contract after my weight loss?

Like your fat loss routine, patience with our skin is paramount to success. Don’t go running off for plastic surgery until you give your body some time. Our age, the quality of our nutrition, and other factors determine how fast your skin will shrink, but it some case it can take up to two years to shrink back to normal. Don’t shutter at the thought, because most likely you are the only one that is focused on the looser skin. Everyone else will just be much happier to see that you’ve lost the extra pounds and become healthier. But skin is a very elastic organ and it will slowly begin to constrict, and you will once again have that form fit physique or figure.



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