Does Vinegar Burn Fat

Several times now I’ve been asked if I’ve ever heard about the fat-burning characteristics of vinegar. Well, I remember as a child my grandmother telling me that her mother always warned her about eating too much vinegar — because it will dry up your blood. We laughed about that one, but at that time we mainly used it to create Easter Egg Dye.

In later years the only attribute about vinegar we knew about was the fact that it tasted good on salad as long as it was mixed with a little oil and maybe some pepper. And besides that it really didn’t have a much of any calories to worry about. Then recently, researchers in Japan released findings showing that ingesting larger amounts of vinegar had the effect of spreading accumulated fat across the entire body instead of in pockets (like around the abdominal area).

There was quite the big wow going on in the health press, and suddenly many were proclaiming that vinegar was a great fat burner. That claim, however, was based on the Japanese findings but . . . and this is  a big but . . . these findings occured in laboratory mice! As everyone in the medical research profession knows that sometimes the medical reactions to substances in mice might have the same effect in humans, but most of the time that is not the case. Human double blind studies are required before there is any bonafide scientific evidence that vinegar burns fat in Homosapiens.

So, the answer to the question as to whether vinegar burns fat is unanswered in the human realm, but all I know is that I can think of a lot of ways to trim my waist line before ingesting a lot of vinegar. The ascetic acid alone would wreak havoc with my stomach. But if you want to start downing vinegar in a shot glass. Well, all I can see is “Cheers!” On the other hand, if you hear of any scientific research saying that vinegar does burn fat, then please let me know about it.

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